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Julia Allison is a popular blogger and rising star in print and broadcast journalism. Just as comfortable in a room with Henry Kissinger or Sanjaya, Wake Up is glad she’s covered the range of subjects, from in laws, to booty calls and everything in between. Michael Wilbon ESPN called her “an American original” and New York magazine named her “the most famous young journalist in the city.”

  1. You're a popular blogger. How has the internet changed dating life, and breakups, today?
  2. Have men really evolved?
  3. Do we rebound faster? Or are we just too damn analytical?
  4. Are women different in the age of Sex & The City?
  5. What can 40 somethings teach 20 somethings about relationships? What can 20 somethings teach 40 somethings?
  6. You're fond of a saying which goes "you can't save a damsel if she loves her distress." Do you think women just need the drama of a relationship?
  7. In one of your blogs, you talk about your new motto, "gather ye rosebuds," i.e., Nora Ephron's idea that, if she knew she was hot at 26, she'd have put on a damn bikini and not taken it off for the entire freaking year! What's your take?
  8. Any insights into making love work?
  9. Relationships between men and women have been fraught with complexity for thousands of years. What gives?
  10. What's your best break-up story?
  11. How do I recover from this break-up?
On the highway of life, there’s nothing like a little relationship road kill to get you to slow down and pay attention. What can we learn from others? Sometimes the best break-up authority isn’t an authority at all. Let’s check out these lessons from people who’ve been in your shoes, and who have lived to tell.