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Here’s where we save you $100 (Arkansas) to $400 (New York) an hour. Talking to a therapist can help heal your broken heart and we encourage you to find an insightful one in your area. Until your appointment, check out Dr. Jacobs, our very own Dr. Phil. He’s the author of “All You Need is Love; and other Lies About Marriage.” Click below to hear what he has says about break-ups.

  1. How can a relationship end, with seemingly no warning?
  2. How do breakups happen?
  3. What are the best ways to heal a broken heart?
  4. How do breakups differ from divorce?
  5. Is it a good idea to see a therapist while going through a breakup?
  6. When a relationship ends, how can a guy just walk away? How is that possible?
  7. How can a girl just walk away?
  8. How do some couples make it after 50 years?
  9. Does love at first sight exist?
  10. Why do some people reach out to you after they have left?
  11. If I am really pinning away for my ex, what are some of the signs that tell me it's really over?
  12. After I've been dumped, what's the best way to get my self-esteem back?
  13. What can I do to feel better?
  14. How can I tell if someone has a commitment phobe?
  15. A little pep talk for you
  16. Why are relationships so DIFFICULT these days?
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On the highway of life, there’s nothing like a little relationship road kill to get you to slow down and pay attention. What can we learn from others? Sometimes the best break-up authority isn’t an authority at all. Let’s check out these lessons from people who’ve been in your shoes, and who have lived to tell.