Former Plum-TV host launches web TV show for women seeking relationship advice



‘Rejection flavored frosting’ offers relevant insights from experts, along with comedy, celebs and retail therapy

New York, NY, 5/7/08 — Ever been dumped? You're not alone. In anticipation of the release of He's Just Not That Into You — a new movie starring Jennifer Aniston —former Plum TV host and model/actress Alison Chace joins the growing group of female web personalities with a new info-tainment web series called Wake Up To A Break Up.

Newly launched Wake Up webisodes target urban, unmarried women age 18-39 searching for answers or escape from romance gone wrong. Content includes advice from experts and authors — including Dr. John Jacobs, author of All You Need is Love and Other Myths About Marriage, as well as lighthearted comedy spoofs, juicy celebrity break-ups and essential retail therapy.

One retailer — uber-web florist, 1-800-Flowers — suggests a cure for dating angst: a massive, self-indulgent bouquet of flowers. Perhaps more apt, through a partnership with Match.com, the pioneer of the Internet dating industry, dejected divas can post personal ads and rebound to make love happen online.

Chace is capitalizing on the “clicking chicks” phenomenon — the post-Sex and the City generation, which increasingly views web based content as a vital part of its everyday media consumption. According to a report by Piper Jaffray, online video usage continues to increase as traditional TV viewing declines — with YouTube ahead of the TV networks as the top destination for video.

While vlogs and podcasts are still largely a male-dominated enterprise, the number of web personalities, particularly female ones, is on the rise. This trend is evidenced by Forbes.com’s recent rankings of web celebs and Podcast Fresh’s release of the Hottest Female Podcasters of 2007.

Yet, whereas blogs require merely a good message and a lot of clicks, web television may ultimately elevate the era of amateur video on the web, as networks like Bravo put more new web series in development and CBS Interactive shops for more web-TV talent like Lindsay Campbell, whose web-TV show, WallStrip, the group just acquired.

“The web lends itself perfectly to shows like Wake Up to A Breakup,” says Thomas Hughes, VP-Broadband, Worldwide Digital Media Group of MGM Studios. “The web, not conventional television, is how new brands will be born.”  

Nancy Reardon, author of the book On Camera: How to Report, Anchor and Interview, says: “Traditional TV or web, if you want a shelf life on television, you need professional skills. Alison Chace has the potential to be a major player in the Internet ‘hosting’ world. She is talented, irresistible, and pops right out of the screen.”

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