Looking for a pity party on DVD? Here’s a weekend’s worth of self indulgence for anyone who’s ever been set up, stood up, or split up. There’s something for everyone here — from the bitter ex, to the meaningless sex, from Bogie to Barbra, John Cusack to Jane Austen. So bring a box of Kleenex to bed, get ready for a good cry, and a good laugh. When it’s over, your popcorn bowl will be empty. But you’ll always have Paris.

500 Days of Summer
Eat Pray Love
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
He's Just Not That Into You
Sex and the City
Valentine's Day
The Holiday
Sliding Doors
The Sweetest Thing
Someone Like You
High Fidelity
The Wedding Singer
P.S. I Love You
War of the Roses
First Wives Club
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Bridget Jones Diary
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Under the Tuscan Sun
The Way We Were
Pride and Prejudice
The Break-Up

You’ve survived, or if you haven't yet, you will. Courage is the central ingredient. The courage to believe in yourself, despite being rejected. The courage to laugh at yourself – or better yet, your Ex. And the courage to start over, and discover the love you deserve.
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