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Dear John,

     My longtime boyfriend keeps bugging me to get a boob job. I'll admit mine are on the small side, not quite a B cup, but I like them that way. My "pert and perkies" used to be a lighthearted joke between us, or at least I thought we were joking. Over time I've come to realize he is serious. Whenever he sees a big-chested girl these days he's like, "Now there's a woman!" which makes me feel horrible! He says he'll gladly pay for implants, but I tell him I don't want them. It's gotten to the point where he's so dissatisfied with my body he's lost interest. Should I get a boob job to keep us together?

Member of the A Team

Dear Member of the A Team
     I hate to break it to you, but while you may be an A-cup, your boyfriend is definitely an A-hole. Please don't let him talk you into changing your body, especially when you've had a healthy attitude about your size all along. There is nothing wrong with your breasts, but a lot wrong with his pressuring you and making you feel insecure. As long as you like them, that is all that matters.

Society puts a huge burden on gals to be physically "perfect", so it's no surprise that women develop body issues and obsess about their supposed flaws. In reality though, seeing a woman trying too hard to meet societal ideals, and becoming insecure when she can't, are turn offs to most guys.

Unlike your boyfriend, a good partner helps his mate feel good about herself. He understands that the more she enjoys her body, the more he will enjoy her body. Because a woman who feels confident in her own skin and sexuality is the biggest turn on of all.

If your boob of a boyfriend won't be happy unless your cup runneth over, I suggest you runneth him over. Or at least kick him to the curb. Otherwise, what's next? Labia reduction? Vaginoplasty?

If saying ta-ta to him sounds too harsh, suggest a compromise. Tell him you'll get implants when he gets a few inches added to that puny penis of his.

Hey, it's only tit for tat, right?

Thanks for playing,

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