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Dear John,

     My boyfriend broke up with me, but we talked it through and got our issues settled. In the end we decided to stay together, but then he said he wanted a little time away before we got back. It wouldn't be like a typical break-up, as he assured me he wouldn't go out with other girls. He just wants some space for a while. He said I could call him "as a friend", and eventually we'd get back together. A part of me appreciates knowing we aren't completely over, but a bigger part is left curious. What is the point of taking time apart if we've worked out our issues? After all, we have decided we want to be together!

Ready and Waiting

Dear Ready and Waiting
     I'm with you on this one. If your issues are water under the bridge, one would think you'd both want to hop back in the pool. Hearing he still wants alone time sounds fishy. Therefore, I'm leaning toward the premise that your guy is pond scum.

If that's the case, my guess is he wants to either pursue other pieces of tail before hooking up with you again, or sink your relationship altogether by treading water until the connection drowns from apathy.

Maybe this guy isn't a keeper? Maybe treading water doesn't float your boat? There are a lot of fish in the sea after all; perhaps you should consider releasing him and catching another.

At the very least, have a talk with him and let him know it's time to sink or swim. I mean really, what is he wading for?

Thanks for playing,

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