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Dear John,

     Two months ago my girlfriend broke up with me out of the blue. She said she didn't feel anything anymore and vanished. I was heartbroken, especially because she hooked up with another guy quickly afterwards. It took a long time for me to move on, and now that I have, she's started acknowledging my presence again. I don't know if she's playing games or what, but the other night at a party she flirted with me and let me know she was single "at the moment".

Whenever she asks, I tell her I still love her. I called her after the party, but she didn't pick up. I left a heartfelt message, but never got a return call. My brain tells me to be strong and continue getting over her, but my heart(and another part of me) want to call her again. What do you think I should do?

Just a Tot

Dear Just a Tot
     Your letter demonstrates that men aren't the only rotten ones out there, nor are women the only patsies. Women are just as capable of playing fast and loose with lovers' hearts, and men can be as gullible as the most blinded-by-love women.

It sounds like your ex got in touch simply because she needed an ego boost. She saw you losing interest, so she strung you along until you pined for her again.

I suggest you keep your cards closer to your vest. Professing undying love and showing a willingness to be a Yo Yo will only keep you on that string.

And please refrain from listening to your heart and you're other part. They are beyond stupid in times like these. Listen only to your brain.

Thanks for playing,

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