Rock Your Breakup!

Sadie Nardini, international yoga and ultimate wellness expert says, ‘Instead of just getting through a breakup, how about rocking it? Who says you can’t have a fabulous time and look great while your heart is healing.’

Right on Sadie!  Here are Sadie’s go-to breakup rescue picks to rock your newly single, hot and sexy self.

Sadie’s Bootcamp

Don’t get mad, get fit!  A suite of Sadie’s yoga-based workouts will give you a killer body and a serene mind. He’ll be sorry he let you get away... but you won’t care!

Vapour “Siren” Organic lipstick

It’s hot and healthy for you and the earth too. Which, in my opinion, makes it even hotter.

Hanky Panky Thong

Hold it right there--this is not your average, cheek-flossing thong. Au contraire! With a perfect fit for every woman, Hanky Panky thongs come in a multitude of sexy prints and colors.  Best of all, NO lines!   They’re all I wear. Go ahead, shake your boot-AY with confidence…and comfort.

Water Music Bath

Did your breakup hurt your heart? Did the 4 cosmos you had with your girlfriends afterward hurt your head? Get thee into a bath with Water Music, an awesome array of tub time products for mind, heart and spirit. Their aspirin bath detoxes yucky energy (you know who I’m talking about), I also love their Seaweed Bath and Pink Himalayan Salts.

Lotus Love Beauty Oils

Now that you’re going solo again, how about a date? A date with self.  Massage the aptly named ‘Pritti’ oil all over your skin for a loving experience. Made from natural ingredients and infused with exotic botanicals, you’ll smell incredible all day long, a reminder that you are your own best soul mate.

‘Fly’ Bracelet

Made by one of my favorite jewelry artists, Sherry Eckert, these customizable reclaimed leather bracelets can say anything you want.  But be nice, it is for you. Mine says “FIERCE.”  Go ahead tell yourself how amazing you are...and wear it proudly, wonder woman.