Reclaim Your Space

Get over him, fast, by reclaiming and redecorating your space. There’s no better room to start with than a gal’s sanctuary, the bathroom.  Come on, you know you won’t miss that dreaded splash of water against your butt cheeks in the middle of the night because the toilet seat was left in the upright position again!

Interior designer Jody Jones shares her top picks for washing that man right outta your hair and transforming your bathroom.

Aroma Reed Diffuser

Clear the energy and the man funk while you toast to your fabulously new single life with this champagne-musk scented room diffuser. 

Avery Floral Fabric
Shower Curtain

Like a bouquet of flowers welcoming you everyday, this time unconditionally! Embrace yourself with this floral shower.

Flamenco Shower Curtain

Here’s your daily reminder to get your flirt on with this feminine, frilly shower curtain in a cascade of aqua hues.  Heck, in a pinch it might even make for a super-sexy dress!

Marimekko Unikko
Pink and Red Bath Towel

Add a pop of color and give yourself a hug all at once when you wrap yourself in this lush, bold pink and red bath towel.

Abyss & Habidecor Super Pile Towels and Rug Bath Towel

You’ll soon forgot about snuggling into his hairy chest (eew, just sayin’) once you get a feel of this soft, plush bath towel. In every color imaginable.

Hand Towel

Matches and complements your new aforementioned bath towel. 

Must Rug

Sink your toes into this ‘must’-have rug whenever you step foot inside your bathroom. You deserve pampering right now, from head to toe. In 60 colors, for your everchanging mood.

Winter's Perch Mirror

Mirror, mirror… yes, this beautiful bronze looking glass knows who is the fairest. Repeat after me:  “I am loved. I am sexy. And I don’t need no man to make me believe that!”  Purse those mouth pillows and apply your red, long-lasting lipstick. Now hit the town.

Aromatherapy Bath Kit

De-stress body, mind and heart with this collection of  Dr Hauschka’s aromatherapy bath oils. A few drops and watch your mood lighten. Breathe in happy, breath out bad boyfriends.

Pressed Pizzo Soap Dish

A luxe resting spot for your favorite hand soap. Doubles as a jewelry holder for daily baubles. Except for that ring he gave you. Sell that.

Kiwi Mango Heart Soap

No better way to remind yourself, we heart you. Lather up.

Double Sided Bath Brush

Who needs someone else’s hand to scrub your back with this deluxe body brush. A massager on one side and a gentle exfoliating brush on the other. You’ll always hit the spot.