Oh! Is for Orgasm

Dumped or doing the dumping, why deprive yourself of the single most ultimate pleasure? Emphasis on single. And most.  Because you’ll be your own best lover when you get your hands on one of these gadgets.


Find your ‘gigi’-spot for the ride of your life. Up to 90 minutes continuous fun on a single battery charge. Now what man can give your va-jay-jay that kind of non-stop attention?!

We-Vibe II

Hands-free penetration, g-spot and clitoral stimulation and waterproof too?!  Wheeeeeeeeee! John, John who? 

Minna Ola

Allow us to introduce you to your new main squeeze. ‘Squeeze’ technology makes this little gem of a vibrator jibe to your rhythm, copying the pressure and pattern of your own hand. No buttons, no dials, no messy.. well, you know. Pure joy.