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If you listened to the lyrics, Twain’s 15 year duet with famous rock producer, Jeff “Mutt” Lange was supposed to last forever. It made her Feel Like a Woman, produced a son — and a bevy of hits — before it ended in an apparent love triangle that left her reeling from the double betrayal of her husband and assistant. As one of the best selling female artists ever, Twain is bouncing back and has regained her voice. Should she have known better to fall for a man named Mutt? Maybe. Maybe not. But, if men are like dogs, perhaps she just chose the wrong breed.

Jealousy. Anger. Resentment. Breaking up is never fun. But getting over it can be with a little help from your friends. Not your old BFFs. Your new ones… Beyonce, Dr. Phil, and Justin Timberlake. Who knew?