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She’s been a cultural icon for decades, one of the most enduring entertainers of all time. Yet despite her lavish wedding in a Scottish Castle to a man who felt comfortable in a skirt, the only sure thing about Madonna’s second marriage was its ultimate demise. After months of tabloid coverage, Like a Prayer they went to Kaballah looking for answers, but wound up in divorce court. The settlement was twice what McCartney paid Mills, but like the ex-Beatle, our Material Girl still retained most of her holdings.
Apparently Mr. Ritchie didn’t want anything from Madge except his independence, $75 million, and the pub. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, but Madonna’s in a better place: in the company of her young Latin lovers.

Jealousy. Anger. Resentment. Breaking up is never fun. But getting over it can be with a little help from your friends. Not your old BFFs. Your new ones… Beyonce, Dr. Phil, and Justin Timberlake. Who knew?