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Add him to the sad list of men who were shagging the secretary, and her to the list of beautiful women who just can’t seem to shake their bad choices. Married four times, Brinkley’s last, to former model and architect, Cook, made great fodder for Page Six when20it became known that he was having an affair with a girl younger than his stepdaughter, Alexa Ray Joel. It got heated, especially after news that Cook had spent some serious cabbage on internet porn. As usual, there was a sex tape. Brinkley survived the media pressure, and is remaking her public persona. Still a style icon, visible Hamptonite, real estate owner and entrepreneur, political activist, avid equestrian, we’re waiting to see which guy she gives her heart to next. Stay strong, girlfriend!

Jealousy. Anger. Resentment. Breaking up is never fun. But getting over it can be with a little help from your friends. Not your old BFFs. Your new ones… Beyonce, Dr. Phil, and Justin Timberlake. Who knew?